About La Costa

La Costa was launched in Benidorm in January 2003. It was a 48 page A5, black and white, lifestyle magazine, printed in-house at Sleepwell Marketing.

It was launched to have a wide range of appeal across a wide age group and often covered unusual, thought-provoking or downright controversial material. Some of the subjects covered in later months were:

  • The history of the vibrator
    This shocked us. We found out our great-great-grandmothers probably had one. Did you know that it was the fifth electical household appliance to be made commercially available... long before the electric iron!
  • What makes a man 'English'?
    Some thoughts on what allies one to an English heritage
  • Codeine: the new heroin?
    An investigation into the worrying increase in addiction to painkillers. Followed up several months later with another look at prescription drugs and their recreational uses.
  • I'm Not Tough Enough To Be A Stripper
    A first person account of putting your money where your mouth is... and finding you're all mouth and (no) trousers
  • Should Christians Celebrate Easter
    Easter is a celebration based on pagan traditions and, as such, is against the word of the Bible. In short: give your kids an Easter egg and you're condemning them to Hell. Just a thought!
  • Nazis In Spain
    War criminals, on the Black List, that evaded arrest by hiding in Spain
  • Kill Devil
    A look into the history of Rum
  • An A to Z of James Cagney
    Does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Sing a Song of Sixpence...
    A harmless nursery rhyme? Or a recruitment shanty for pirates?

It was much more than a serial thriller though and an aggressive expansion soon saw La Costa covering the coast from Fuengirola to Oliva and moving to full colour-gloss print in January 2004.

La Costa continues to provide a lighter look at life and is now incorporated into La Costa Loot as a central section. The articles still featured include reviews of music, films, gadgets, telephony. Motoring and beautiful women have continued to be featured, as have the old favourites: cocktails, sports and funny sections.

La Costa is currently printed in full colour and includes the upcoming premier league timetable.

For more information on advertising in La Costa, please see our "How To Advertise" page or contact us directly.


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