About La Costa Loot

La Costa Loot was launched in Benidorm in January 2004. It was a 32 page A4, black and white, lifestyle magazine, printed in-house at Sleepwell Marketing and complemented the then full-colour La Costa.

La Costa Loot was to have the same broad range of appeal as La Costa and, after around a year and a half of co-existing, incorporated the full colour La Costa as a separate section within the one A4 magazine.

The subjects covered within the currently black and white sections of La Costa Loot include:

  • Off Beat News
    Strange goings on on in the world around us, such as the invention of a free floating, gravity defying bed.
  • What Women Want
    Hints and tips, funny sections, recipes etc aimed at women (but all read by men!)
  • Horoscopes
  • Urban Myths and Legends
    Most recently we have looked at the history and myths associated with Christmas traditions
  • Health & Beauty
    Keeping fit, losing weight, staying safe in the sun...
  • "Funny" Sections
    Alongside our Jokes and Puzzles pages we have mini features, such as "The World's Dumbest Criminals", "Weird Facts", "Amazing Pub Knowledge", "Funny Laws"...
  • Lifestyle News
    The art of living in Spain!
  • Introductions to local companies
    These too do exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Gardening
    How to grow some common (and occasionally unusual) plants, fruits or vegetables
  • Technology
    How to keep your computer running at its best

In addition, La Costa Loot also features two or three of the outlying and less well-known towns in the area each month, focussing on the attractions and sights in the area and occasionally providing an introduction to the companies in that area that readers may find useful.

La Costa Loot continues to expand and this Christmas (2006) will feature a special 2007 pull-out calendar.

For more information on advertising in La Costa Loot, please see our "How To Advertise" page or contact us directly.


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